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Rating the most effective vitamin K2 dietary supplements of 2022

Vitamin K2 may also help strengthen your bones and enhance your cardiovascular well being.

A number of completely different molecules belong to the household of compounds often called vitamin K2, and all of them play a essential function in how your physique regulates blood clotting, blood vessel construction, and bone well being.

Our analysis staff has analyzed the vitamin K2 dietary supplements in the marketplace to find out that are essentially the most potent and only—listed here are our rankings.

Why You Ought to Belief Us

    Our advisory panel and our analysis staff rank the most effective well being merchandise and dietary supplements primarily based on efficiency, label accuracy, and the efficacy of the substances within the merchandise.


Final up to date: September 4, 2022
K2 dietary supplements thought of: 25
Hours of analysis: 44
Specialists reviewed: 14
Scientific papers referenced: 24

1. Stay Acutely aware K2+D3

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Stay Acutely aware K2+D3 combines 100mcg of Menaquinone-7 vitamin K2 with 125mcg of vitamin D3 per serving to maximise bioavailability. There are not any synthetic sweeteners, fillers, or components.

It’s additionally manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and is freed from soy, gluten, dairy, shellfish, and preservatives.

All issues thought of, we give Stay Acutely aware K2+D3 the well-deserved #1 spot for the most effective vitamin K2 complement.

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2. Sports activities Analysis Pure MK-7 Vitamin K2

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Sports activities Analysis makes a high-quality vitamin K2 complement that makes use of the proprietary chickpea extract MK-7 as its supply for the vitamin.

Every capsule accommodates 100 micrograms of vitamin K2, and the capsules are fabricated from vegetarian-friendly glycerine.

To prime it off, the vitamin K2 is dissolved in further virgin natural olive oil, which helps considerably with absorption. All of those perks make it probably the greatest K2 dietary supplements on the market.

3. MaryRuth’s Organics Vitamin K2

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MaryRuth’s Organics delivers its vitamin K2 complement in liquid type, dissolved in natural olive oil.

This implies the complement is extraordinarily pure and intensely nicely absorbed, as a result of the fat-soluble vitamin K2 is ingested in a dissolved format already.

The liquid format means it’s simple to combine into shakes, smoothies, and drinks. Minimalists will love this complement too, as its sole substances are vitamin K2, natural olive oil, and water.

4. Zhou Diet K2 + D3

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If you wish to enhance your coronary heart well being and bone well being on the identical time, Zhou Diet’s K2 + D3 is a superb alternative.

It combines 90 micrograms of vitamin K2 with 5000 IUs of vitamin D3, a essential vitamin for (you guessed it) coronary heart and bone well being that many individuals are chronically missing, particularly within the winter. 

5. InnovixLabs Full Spectrum Vitamin K2

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InnovixLabs affords a reasonably excessive 500 mcg dose of K2 in the MK-4 type in addition to a further 100 micrograms within the MK-7 type, and each are delivered in olive and MCT oil, making it a extremely bioavailable choice.

6. Life Extension Tremendous Ok

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Life Extension Tremendous Ok gives a megadose of all three Ok nutritional vitamins. Although most individuals can be higher suited with a regular dosage, if you realize you need a excessive dosage, Life Extension must be your alternative.

7. Jarrow Formulation MK-7

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Jarrow Formulation delivers 90 micrograms of vitamin K2 in a gelatin-based softgel. The vitamin is dissolved in a mixture of medium chain triglycerides and soybean oil, so absorption is prone to be good.

That apart, it’s a reasonably normal vitamin K2 complement, neither standing out or failing on every other entrance.

8. Solgar Vitamin K2

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Solgar Vitamin K2 is a simple, easy vitamin K2 complement with 100 micrograms of vitamin K2 per capsule. Other than silica as a binder and filler, the complement design is pretty clear and easy, although not the most effective.

9. Now MK-7 K2

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Now Meals makes use of MK-7 extract from chickpeas as its supply of K2, however sadly the standard of the remainder of the complement is subpar.

It has a number of fillers that the most effective vitamin K2 dietary supplements don’t have, and it doesn’t ship the complement alongside any synergistic nutritional vitamins or in a format that’s quickly absorbed.

10. Physician’s Finest Pure Vitamin K2

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Physician’s Finest has an affordable formulation, however will get outclassed by its rivals relating to dosage, clear complement design, and bioavailability: it doesn’t ship its vitamin K2 in a fat-based solvent.

Who should purchase vitamin K2?

Vitamin K2 is one type of vitamin Ok, a comparatively just lately found household of nutritional vitamins that contributes to bone power, blood clotting, and cardiovascular well being. These advantages dictate who ought to take into account a vitamin K2 complement:

Individuals who wish to enhance their bone density. Latest scientific trials have discovered that vitamin K2 supplementation can improve bone density within the lumbar backbone (1), suggesting that vitamin K2 must be thought of a key element of any bone density complement.

Individuals who need higher coronary heart well being. Vitamin K2 performs an necessary function in cardiovascular well being, as most of the proteins that depend on vitamin K2 assist scale back the buildup of plaque inside your arteries (2).

Individuals who have had weight reduction surgical procedure. Gastric bypass and different bariatric surgical procedure procedures have an effect on your physique’s capacity to soak up vitamin Ok, so including a vitamin Ok complement to your weight loss plan after weight reduction surgical procedure is a standard suggestion from docs (3).

How we ranked

We formulated our rankings primarily based on strict standards governing the general efficacy of K2 supplementation routines:

Efficient K2 dosageWe regarded for dietary supplements that supplied sufficient vitamin K2 to take even a poor high quality weight loss plan up into the vary of sufficient dietary consumption of vitamin K2, in accordance with the newest dietary pointers from the Meals and Diet Board.

That meant proscribing our subject to merchandise that supplied no less than 90 micrograms (mcg) per capsule of vitamin K2.

Extremely bioavailable types of K2. We additionally examined at how the supplemental vitamin K2 was delivered.

Vitamin K2 is fat-soluble, not water-soluble. Because of this K2 is extra successfully delivered in supplemental type when it’s paired with or dissolved in an oil or fats.

That’s why we rated vitamin K2 dietary supplements larger in the event that they used a top quality oil like olive oil or MCT oil to ship vitamin K2, and rated dietary supplements decrease in the event that they used a decrease high quality oil like a generic vegetable oil (or no oil in any respect).

Clear, easy complement design. We additionally thought of the purity of the general complement design. Pointless binders, fillers, coloring brokers, or (for liquid dietary supplements) flavoring brokers all detracted from the general rating—these compounds don’t make the complement simpler.

Generally, we discovered capsules (ideally vegetable-based cellulose capsules) to be extra versatile than liquid primarily based vitamin K2 dietary supplements, however we did make an exception for MaryRuth’s Natural K2 liquid.

Synergistic substancesWe rewarded merchandise that mixed vitamin K2 with vitamin D3, like Stay Acutely aware and Zhou Diet, since this mixture has been very profitable at rising bone density, particularly in older ladies. 

Lastly, we ranked the remaining merchandise primarily based on dose, supply, purity, and format. Our staff feels that these are the most effective choices obtainable proper now if you’re searching for a vitamin K2 complement. 


Vitamin K2 is important for blood coagulation. It was found comparatively late in comparison with different nutritional vitamins, however performs a key function within the blood clotting course of (3,4).

Vitamin K2 is one in all two subtypes of vitamin Ok. Vitamin K1 is phylloquinone, and is present in leafy inexperienced plant meals (and lots of inexperienced drinks); vitamin K2 is menaquinone, occurring in fermented meals and animal merchandise (5).

Vitamin K2 might assist scale back threat for coronary heart illness. Researchers imagine vitamin K2 prevents the build-up of calcium in arteries (6), which is a serious threat consider creating coronary heart illness.

Folks with excessive ranges of vitamin K2 consumption have 52% decrease charges of arterial calcification and are 57% much less prone to die of coronary heart illness, in accordance with one other research (7).

Vitamin K2 is important for robust bones and tooth. Vitamin K2 modifies proteins to facilitate the binding of calcium, a necessary mineral for robust bones and good tooth, in addition to different bodily features (8).

Vitamin K2 additionally prompts the proteins that distribute calcium all through the physique. (9,10,11)

Researchers additionally imagine vitamin K2 works in live performance with nutritional vitamins A and D in maintaining tooth robust and freed from cavities. (12)

A vitamin K2 complement can gradual the lack of bone density in older ladies, in accordance with a three-year research of post-menopausal ladies (13).

A number of extra research affirm the bone strengthening advantages of vitamin K2 (14,15).

Nevertheless, two different giant opinions concluded extra proof is required earlier than suggestions for supplementing with vitamin K2 to enhance bone well being might be endorsed. (16, 17)

Unintended effects

Vitamin K2 is extraordinarily secure for most individuals. No well being dangers from extreme vitamin Ok consumption have been recognized, both from supplemental vitamin K2 or any type of vitamin Ok present in meals (18).

Discuss to your physician earlier than taking vitamin K2 in the event you take warfarin or different blood clotting treatment. Some coronary heart illness specialists imagine that vitamin K2 might work together with warfarin and amplify its blood-thinning results (19).

Advisable dosage

The most recent dietary pointers recommend you want a minimal of 90-120 mcg of vitamin K2 per day. Primarily based on new analysis on vitamin K2’s significance for bone and coronary heart well being, this stage was considerably elevated in 2020 (20).

Most research on utilizing vitamin K2 for bone and coronary heart well being use doses of 100 to 200 mcg of K2 per day. Primarily based on profitable research on K2 supplementation, we used this vary as a suggestion when formulating our complement rankings.


Q: Who’s in danger for vitamin K2 deficiency? 

A: Folks with a weight loss plan low in inexperienced leafy greens are more than likely to have K2 deficiency. 

Sadly, this class consists of about one third of American adults.

Moreover, individuals with celiac illness and individuals who have had any kind of gastric bypass, lap band, or different weight reduction surgical procedure are sometimes in danger for vitamin K2 deficiency, as their capacity to soak up vitamin Ok from their weight loss plan is impeded. 

Q: What meals are wealthy in vitamin K2? 

A: You will discover vitamin K2 particularly in fermented meals, like cheese, miso, tempeh, or natto. Different types of vitamin Ok are readily present in inexperienced leafy greens like broccoli, kale, and collard greens.

Although your physique is sort of able to absorbing vitamin Ok in any of its varieties, vitamin Ok that’s present in greens is considered absorbed much less effectively than vitamin K2 from a complement. 

Q: Is vitamin K2 secure to take? 

A: Sure, no higher limits on consumption have been recognized. A 2001 report by the Institute of Drugs famous that no hostile results from vitamin Ok consumption have been recognized, both in people or in animals (21).

This consists of each supplemental model of vitamin K2 and dietary sources of vitamin Ok in all of its varieties. The one caveat to that is that people who find themselves at present taking warfarin or different blood thinners ought to discuss to their physician earlier than altering their vitamin Ok consumption ranges, as a result of warfarin’s mechanism of motion might intervene with the form of clotting that vitamin Ok promotes. 

Q: What’s the distinction between vitamin Ok and vitamin K2? 

A: Like vitamin B, vitamin Ok is an umbrella time period that refers to a household of associated compounds: vitamin K1, and the 2 subtypes of vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7) (22).

The MK-4 type is present in butter, eggs, lard, and different animal merchandise (actually because an artificial type of MK-4 is added to animal feeds).

It’s additionally synthesized by micro organism in your intestine, however whether or not this results in any significant change in your physique’s vitamin Ok absorption is debated within the scientific neighborhood.

The MK-7 type lasts barely longer in your physique, and might be present in fermented meals and cheeses.

Supplemental vitamin K2 might be in both the MK-4 or the MK-7 type, and apart from slight variations in how lengthy every type stays in your physique, there may be little or no proof as as to if it issues what type you get your vitamin K2 in. 

Q: Does vitamin K2 work together with vitamin D3? 

A: Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 are generally mixed in dietary supplements due to a possible synergistic impact on bone density. Each vitamin D and vitamin Ok contribute to bone density.

A number of scientific research on postmenopausal ladies recommend that mixed D3 + K2 dietary supplements can enhance bone density, presumably lowering the chance of fractures as you become old (23).

In fact, none of those make sense with out sufficient calcium consumption, however that nearly goes with out saying if you’re attempting to extend your bone power. 

Q: What vegan meals are excessive in vitamin K2? 

A: Not like another nutritional vitamins, resembling vitamin B12, vegans even have it fairly simple relating to getting sufficient vitamin Ok consumption total. Vegan favorites like kale, broccoli, soy, and collard greens are all very excessive in vitamin Ok.

If you’re particularly searching for vitamin K2 it may be a bit trickier, however fermented soy merchandise like tempeh, miso, and natto are all nice bets.

Q: What’s vitamin K2 MK-7? 

A: Vitamin K2 is available in two varieties: MK-4 and MK-7. The MK-4 type is synthesized by micro organism which might be present in animal digestive tracts (together with yours), and this MK-4 type is commonly added to animal feed.

Animals that eat this feed, like chickens and cows, find yourself with MK-4 type of vitamin K2 within the meals they produce, like eggs, butter, or meat. In distinction, the MK-7 type is present in fermented meals, significantly soy-based meals like natto.

The MK-7 type has an extended elimination half-life in your physique, however apart from this distinction, scientists don’t know but if there are any significant dietary variations between the MK-4 and MK-7 types of vitamin K2 (or certainly, any significant variations between nutritional vitamins K1, K2, and K3) (24). 

Q: The place does vitamin K2 come from?

A: Vitamin K2 in dietary supplements goes to be one in all two varieties: MK-4 or MK-7. The MK-4 type is extracted from particular micro organism that produce this type of vitamin K2, whereas the MK-7 type is remoted from natto, a fermented soy product.

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Vitamin K2 is a necessary micronutrient that performs a pivotal function in cardiovascular well being and bone power.

If you wish to enhance your bone density or enhance your coronary heart well being, it’s best to take into account including a vitamin K2 complement to your every day routine, particularly in case your weight loss plan is low in inexperienced leafy greens.

For finest outcomes, take a complement that gives no less than 90-120 mcg of vitamin K2 per day.

For BodyNutrition’s #1 vitamin K2 suggestion, click on right here.

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