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Rating one of the best digestive enzymes of 2022

A digestive enzyme complement will help you digest your meals extra simply.

This may result in higher absorption of vitamins and a aid from signs of gastrointestinal misery, like bloating, fuel, abdomen ache, and indigestion.

Digestive enzyme dietary supplements may include probiotics to assist enhance the operate of your intestine flora, the micro organism that reside in your digestive tract and play a essential function in your general well being.

Our analysis crew has combed by an enormous vary of merchandise to give you the ten greatest choices, ranked in response to high quality.

Why You Ought to Belief Us

    Our advisory panel and our analysis crew rank one of the best well being merchandise and dietary supplements based mostly on efficiency, label accuracy, and the efficacy of the elements within the merchandise.


Final up to date: August 31, 2022
Digestive enzymes thought-about: 23
Hours of analysis: 37
Specialists reviewed: 7
Scientific papers referenced: 13


Greatest General

  • A mix of 18 completely different enzymes to help digestion and to chop down on fuel manufacturing
  • Works quick to bolster intestine well being
  • All included enzymes are hand-chosen to enhance digestion and diet
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Greatest for wholesome intestine micro organism

2. Backyard of Life Uncooked Enzymes for Males and Girls

  • Offers enzymes alongside a variety of probiotic micro organism and the nutritional vitamins and minerals 
  • Effectively-suited for digesting your meals and serving to you take up vitamins higher
  • Non-GMO, Dairy-free, and NSF Gluten-free
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Greatest for bloating

3. Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely

  • Offers 13 completely different enzymes that focus on all the most typical culprits of digestive points
  • Helps to simply break down protein, carbohydrate, fats, fiber and dairy
  • Made with high-quality elements verified by our dependable suppliers and diet specialists
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4. Zenwise Well being Every day Digestive Enzymes

  • Has vary of natural extracts and 9 enzymes for optimum digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Formulated to seek out aid from occasional bloating, fuel, and discomfort
  • AVA-Licensed Vegetarian and Non-GMO
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5. Rainbow Gentle Superior Enzyme System

  • Offers an excellent mix of enzymes and natural extracts
  • Helps your physique to course of the entire commonest varieties of meals that trigger digestive points
  • 100% Pure, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Soy-free
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6. Supply Naturals Every day Digestive Enzymes

  • Has eight completely different enzymes included in it to interrupt down fats, protein, carbohydrates, dairy, and fiber
  • Helps digestive consolation and aids within the pure digestive strategy of the physique
  • Is available in Conventional and Vegetrian capsules
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7. MAV Vitamin Digestive Enzymes

  • Makes use of particular enzymes derived from fungus to enhance digestion of dairy, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Offers lasting digestive consolation
  • Helps enhance intestine well being and immunity
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8. Dr. Tobias Digest Plant-Based mostly Enzymes

  • Helps with indigestion
  • Fomulated with 18 completely different enzymes
  • Helps break down meals into vitamins for power, progress and cell restore
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  • Offers a good mixture of enzymes and pure extracts
  • Targets to interrupt down fats, protein, and carbohydrates
  • Gluten-free, Soy-free, and Keto pleasant
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10. Physician’s Greatest Digestive Enzymes

  • Have a full spectrum of digestive enzyme to assist help wholesome digestion and promote good intestine micro organism
  • Helps with the digestion of greens, beans and grains
  • Incorporates some probiotic micro organism to advertise optimum intestinal well being
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1. EnzymeMD by 1MD

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EnzyneMD makes use of a strong mixture of 18 completely different enzymes to help digestion, together with the probiotic micro organism Saccharomyces boulardii to chop down on fuel manufacturing.

The enzymes lipase, cellulase, and lactase all assist minimize down on fat, fiber, and lactose which are typically accountable for fuel and bloating.

Along with these frequent enzymes, 1MD has many different rarer enzymes hand-chosen to enhance digestion and diet. This big selection of extraordinarily helpful enzymes makes it our prime choose.

Simply one of the best digestive complement in the marketplace.

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2. Backyard of Life Uncooked Enzymes for Males and Girls

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Backyard of Life Uncooked Enzymes is available in a range for women and men, however the variations are slight. They each have the identical key enzymes, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, however simply in barely completely different quantities.

The actual benefit of Backyard of Life Uncooked Enzymes is the truth that the complement gives enzymes alongside a variety of probiotic micro organism and the nutritional vitamins and minerals that these micro organism have to thrive.

This manner, it may function a reset on your gastrointestinal micro organism inhabitants, re-populating it with micro organism and enzymes which are well-suited for digesting your meals and serving to you take up vitamins higher.

3. Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely

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Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely gives 13 completely different enzymes that focus on all the most typical culprits of digestive points.

It assaults dairy, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, and proteins with the enzymes supplied within the complement.

The one issues lacking are the “extras” you typically see in one of the best digestive enzyme dietary supplements: nutritional vitamins, minerals, and probiotic micro organism cultures to boost the physique’s pure digestive skills in the long run.

4. Zenwise Well being Every day Digestive Enzymes

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Every day Digestive Enzymes has 9 completely different digestive enzymes alongside a variety of natural extracts for optimum digestion and nutrient absorption.

These embrace ginger, turmeric, apple pectin, and peppermint, to call just some. It additionally features a probiotic combine, however sadly doesn’t disclose the exact micro organism that go into this combine, making it troublesome to find out how a lot it will assist the complement obtain its targets.

5. Solaray Tremendous DigestAway

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 Solaray makes use of pancreatin as its main supply of digestive enzymes, which is a mix containing amylase, lipase, and protease, and provides in natural extracts from porcine bile, papaya, peppermint, ginger, and extra to spice up the efficacy of those enzymes.

It’s a stable all-around choice for bettering your digestion of fiber, meat, and fat.

6. Supply Naturals Every day Digestive Enzymes

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Supply Naturals has eight completely different enzymes, break up into completely different classes to interrupt down fats, protein, carbohydrates, dairy, and fiber.

The enzymes on this product are all stable, however they could work higher in the event that they have been delivered alongside probiotics or a mixture of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

7. MAV Vitamin Digestive Enzymes

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MAV Vitamin makes use of particular enzymes derived from fungus alongside probiotic micro organism to enhance digestion of dairy, fats, and carbohydrates.

It’s a robust complement if these are your solely targets, but when your digestive points embrace fiber, you could battle to have success with MAV Vitamin Digestive Enzymes.

8. Dr. Tobias Digest Plant-Based mostly Enzymes

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Dr. Tobias Digest present a variety of enzymes for digesting the most typical causes of digestive points, however the dosage will not be at all times on par with what one of the best digestive enzyme dietary supplements provide.

9. NOW Tremendous Enzymes

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NOW Tremendous Enzymes gives a good mixture of enzymes and pure extracts to spice up enzyme exercise, nevertheless it’s principally focused at breaking down fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

With fiber from beans or greens, it struggles, and it doesn’t embrace lactase, so dairy might nonetheless trigger issues.

10. Physician’s Greatest Digestive Enzymes

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Physician’s Greatest has produced a stable, full spectrum digestive enzyme to assist help wholesome digestion and promote good intestine micro organism.

Together with some further enzymes to assist with the digestion of greens, beans and grains, this complement additionally comprises some probiotic micro organism to advertise optimum intestinal well being, although the dosage isn’t nice. 

Class winners

Greatest digestive enzymes general: EnzymeMD

EnzymeMD from 1MD incorporates a precision mix of enzymes (plus no further elements!) that battle a variety of digestive issues. What’s extra, it even options probiotic micro organism to chop down on fuel and bloating. A simple choose for one of the best general digestive enzyme complement. 

Greatest digestive enzymes for bloating: Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely

Pure encapsulations presents the broadest vary of particular person enzymes of any complement in the marketplace. With a number of proteases, in addition to lactase and lipase, it’s nice for reducing down bloating, no matter what sort of meals in your weight loss plan is liable for the trigger. 

Greatest digestive enzymes for weight reduction: EnzymeMD

Weight reduction diets can lead to a stunning quantity of digestive issues, which in flip inhibit your means to stay with the weight loss plan. Go for EnzymeMD to battle these issues—with its broad-spectrum enzymes, it may deal with the meals in just about any weight reduction weight loss plan. 

Greatest digestive enzymes for irritable bowel: Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely

Pure Encapsulations comprises excessive doses of a very powerful enzymes for breaking down meals that may irritate IBS. It’s a exact and highly effective digestive enzyme complement that’s well-suited for bowel irritation.

Greatest digestive enzymes for wholesome intestine micro organism: Backyard of Life Uncooked Enzymes

Backyard of Life pairs over a dozen enzymes with bacillus coagulans probiotics and several other important nutritional vitamins and minerals to foster a more healthy intestine microbiome. To spice up enzyme and probiotic ranges in your intestine, look no additional.

Greatest digestive enzymes for lactose intolerance: Pure Encapsulations Digestive Enzymes Extremely

For higher digestion of dairy, Pure Encapsulations is a transparent winner. It has a lot greater ranges of the digestive enzyme lactase than different digestive enzyme dietary supplements (in some instances, over ten instances greater!).

Who can purchase digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are particularly designed for folks with gastrointestinal issues attributable to poor digestion. Thee points fall into a couple of particular classes:

Individuals who get bloating and fuel after meals. Bloating and fuel are sometimes attributable to poor digestion of fiber, protein, or fats in your weight loss plan. A digestive enzyme can present particular enzymes that helps digest these compounds, stopping digestion at its supply. 

Individuals who need more healthy intestine micro organism. Having a wholesome inhabitants of a probiotic intestine micro organism is useful by itself, however these micro organism work in live performance along with your physique’s digestive enzymes. Supplementing your background enzyme ranges with a digestive enzyme will help hold your probiotic micro organism inhabitants in a great place.

Folks with irritable bowel syndrome or different digestive situations. A lot of the analysis into the makes use of of digestive enzyme dietary supplements has centered on folks with particular medical situations like irritable bowel syndrome, who appear to profit from growing digestive enzyme ranges.

Folks seeking to drop a few pounds. Digestive enzymes are additionally helpful when on a restricted weight loss plan, as a result of dysregulated digestion and gastrointestinal well being have been related to weight problems.

How we ranked

To make our digestive enzyme rankings, we first trawled the marketplace for a variety of enzyme-focused dietary supplements. Then we separated the legit merchandise from the low-quality imitators with a collection of stringent standards.

Digestion-focused. Our first standards to weed out low-quality merchandise was to mandate that digestive enzymes be a central focus of the complement, not simply an afterthought.

Generic “digestion” dietary supplements that included small quantities of 1 or two enzymes didn’t make the minimize. We additionally didn’t take into account primarily probiotic-focused dietary supplements that had a couple of digestive enzyme elements.

Capable of help with the digestion of all three macronutrients. Subsequent, we eradicated merchandise that didn’t have a minimum of one enzyme to assist digest every of the three main macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein).

Whereas there’s a spot for dietary supplements that focus solely on a single enzyme, resembling lactase for people who find themselves lactose illiberal, the scientific proof on digestive enzymes is evident: if you need prime quality outcomes, you want a complement that delivers a number of completely different enzymes.

Versatile for various diets. Digestive enzymes that centered totally on only one kind or class of enzyme, lipase (which digests fats) acquired minimize, since they wouldn’t be very helpful for folks on a low fats weight loss plan. Ditto for protease-only dietary supplements. 

Breadth and depth of key elementsExtra enzymes have been higher, so long as they contributed to digestive well being and didn’t dilute the important thing elements and their dosage an excessive amount of.

Cellulase, lipase, and lactase content material have been essential. These three are the enzymes which many customers will profit probably the most from, since they digest the lion’s share of the meals you eat. 

Efficient formulation and no pointless components. We required that our ultimate merchandise had a clear, minimal complement design, with none pointless binders, fillers, stabilizing brokers, or coloring brokers.


A digestive enzyme complement will help you digest your meals higher. Digestive enzymes are compounds derived from vegetation or animals that assist your physique digest meals extra successfully, in addition to serving to it take up extra vitamins (1).

Digestive enzymes will help with bloating, fuel, and indigestion attributable to a variety of meals. The precise enzymes it is best to search for in your digestive enzyme complement rely on what kind or varieties of meals trigger the best issues for you. Lipase digests fats; cellulase digest fiber present in carbs and legumes, and protease digests the proteins present in meats and different sources of protein. 

Sure vitamins trigger extra digestive issues than others. Normally, folks have digestive issues once they eat meals (particularly massive ones) that include excessive concentrations of fats, fiber, protein and dairy, which could possibly be inflicting your digestive issues (2).

Digestive enzymes with lactase will help you digest dairy. Lactase helps digest lactose, which is a sort of sugar present in milk, yogurt, ice cream, and different dairy merchandise.

Greater than half the world’s inhabitants can’t digest lactose with out supplemental lactase (3).

Analysis signifies {that a} digestive enzyme complement with lactase, can efficiently cut back and even remove signs associated to poor dairy digestion (4).

Digestive dietary supplements work greatest when taken near a meal. This guideline is true each for folks seeking to keep away from indigestion from dairy and from different meals teams: the enzymes have to be in your abdomen concurrently the meals that include the problematic compounds to be efficient.

Lipase-containing digestive enzyme dietary supplements assist with meals excessive in fats. Identical to lactase digests lactose, lipase digests lipids (i.e. fat).

Analysis exhibits that taking a digestive enzyme earlier than a high-fat weight loss plan (such as you would possibly eat on the keto weight loss plan) reduces the incidence of bloating, fuel, and fullness over the subsequent a number of hours (5).

Within the case of excessive fiber meals, cellulase is the go-to enzyme. Cellulase is an enzyme that assaults the lengthy molecular chains that make up fiber, which in any other case finally ends up being a breeding floor for gas-producing micro organism.

When these micro organism ramp up their metabolism, the result’s bloating, fuel, and abdomen ache (6).

Digestive enzyme supplementation is likely to be useful for folks with kind two diabetes. Digestive enzymes are naturally produced within the pancreas, which additionally occurs to be the place that your physique produces insulin.

One analysis paper argues that supplementation with sure digestive enzymes will help higher management blood sugar (7).

Multi-ingredient digestive enzyme dietary supplements enhance signs of indigestion. A 60-day research on a multi-ingredient digestive enzyme supplementation technique confirmed vital enhancements on 5 completely different signs of indigestion (8).

Unintended effects

Digestive enzymes are naturally-derived, so the chance of uncomfortable side effects may be very low. Since digestive enzymes are derived from pure sources–and one of the best digestive enzymes are sometimes derived completely from plant sources–the chance of any uncomfortable side effects is relatively small.

In uncommon instances, digestive enzymes could cause allergic reactions. Very hardly ever docs have reported instances of allergic reactions to particular enzymes in digestive enzyme dietary supplements.

One such report surfaced in 2016, however the trigger gave the impression to be an underlying allergy to the supply of the plant or fungus that produced the enzyme, not the enzyme itself (9).

In case you expertise burning or swelling in your throat, there is likely to be an ingredient in your digestive enzyme complement that your physique is allergic to, which signifies you shouldn’t take that digestive enzyme.

Advisable dosage

Timing issues greater than dosage. The suitable dosage of every main ingredient of a digestive enzyme (lipase, lactase, and so forth.) needs to be proportional to the quantity of the problematic meals (fat, dairy, and so forth.) in your upcoming meal.

Nevertheless, timing is a very powerful issue in terms of digestive enzyme efficacy: you want digestive enzymes in your abdomen concurrently the meals you’re consuming for them to be efficient.

Take your digestive enzyme about ten minutes earlier than your meal. That is sufficient time for the capsule to start out dissolving, however not so lengthy that you simply’ll be shedding out on the efficient dosage.


Q: Do digestive enzymes actually work?

A: In keeping with the newest analysis, sure, digestive enzymes are efficient at decreasing gastrointestinal signs when in comparison with a placebo (10).

The one catch to that is that to get this impact, it’s a must to take a digestive enzyme complement day by day alongside your meals, and it may take as much as a month for the advantages to develop into vital.

Q: Are digestive enzyme dietary supplements dangerous?

A: So far as dietary supplements go, digestive enzymes are fairly protected.

In extraordinarily uncommon instances, it’s attainable to have an allergic response to digestive enzymes, however for the overwhelming majority of individuals, digestive enzymes are a easy, protected, and straightforward methods to cut back signs of indigestion.

Q: Can digestive enzymes assist with weight reduction?

A: Whereas there’s no direct proof so far that exhibits {that a} digestive enzyme will generate weight reduction, there’s a connection between digestive enzymes and probiotic micro organism, which in flip have been implicated in inflicting or stopping weight reduction.

Nevertheless, there are some key questions that we don’t have solutions to but: how do probiotic micro organism profit from the presence of sure digestive enzymes? Does a scarcity of particular enzymes in enough quantities result in a disruption within the intestine microbiome? Would these modifications result in weight reduction or achieve?

Quickly, we’ll seemingly have analysis that solutions these questions, however till then, the connection between digestive enzymes and weight reduction stays unclear.

Q: What are some pure digestive enzymes?

A: In some sense, all digestive enzymes are “pure” in that they’re produced by the human physique in some quantity.

Nevertheless, a very powerful pure digestive enzymes for managing issues like indigestion embrace lipase, which breaks down fats; protease, which break down protein, and lactase, which breaks down the otherwise-indigestible lactose in dairy merchandise.

Q: What are one of the best digestive enzymes?

A: The very best digestive enzymes for gastrointestinal well being are those which are linked on to digesting the sorts of vitamins you encounter most frequently in your weight loss plan.

For most individuals, these are lipase, lactase, and cellulase, which (respectively) assist your physique break down fat, lactose, and fiber.

In case you discover that meals which are excessive in fats, dairy merchandise, or fiber are inclined to irritate your indigestion or different gastrointestinal signs, that’s an indication that you simply would possibly stand to profit from a digestive enzyme complement that gives a minimum of certainly one of these key enzymes.

If protein-heavy meals (like steak) trigger digestion issues, you may also profit from a protease-containing digestive enzyme.

Proof signifies that one of the best technique is to take a multi-ingredient digestive enzyme complement, vs. one which comprises only one enzyme (11).

Q: The place are digestive enzymes produced?

A: Your digestive enzymes are naturally produced in your pancreas, a essential organ that’s linked to your digestive tract.

Q: How do you utilize digestive enzymes?

A: If you’re taking digestive enzymes particularly to take care of a selected type of meals (like taking lactase for dairy), it is best to take your digestive enzyme proper earlier than your meal (inside ten minutes).

Nevertheless, the most recent analysis on utilizing digestive enzymes suggests it is best to do that day by day, not simply earlier than a meal excessive within the problematic compounds (e.g. a excessive fats meal).

Analysis has discovered that, for a minimum of as much as 60 days, this technique can create vital enhancements in signs of indigestion in comparison with a placebo (12).

Q: How lengthy does it take for digestive enzymes to work?

A: By way of digesting a single meal, digestive enzymes ought to begin working inside 5 to 10 minutes.

Enzymes don’t have to be absorbed by your physique in any respect; they’re already ready to interrupt down meals as quickly because the capsule breaks open, which (in a top quality digestive enzyme complement) ought to solely take a couple of minutes.

Nevertheless, in terms of really bettering signs of indigestion and different gastrointestinal issues linked to digestive enzymes, it could take as much as 30 days for digestive enzymes to start out working (13).

Q: How are you going to improve digestive enzymes?

A: Whereas consuming a nutritious diet and shedding weight are easy methods to extend your physique’s means to supply digestive enzymes, by far the simplest approach to immediately improve the extent of digestive enzymes in your physique is with an excellent digestive enzyme complement.

A multi-ingredient complement will improve the focus of many alternative enzymes in your physique all of sudden, making it simpler to digest quite a lot of meals.

A single-ingredient enzyme complement, resembling lactase, for instance, will solely enhance your means to digest dairy.

Q: How do digestive enzymes work together with probiotics?

A: Probiotics are presumably the most popular analysis matter in diet proper now, and the connection to digestive enzymes is straightforward to see.

When you eat one thing, digestive enzymes begin to break it down, however so do probiotic micro organism. Generally, the interplay is synergetic, like when each lactobacillus micro organism and lactase act on the sugars which are in dairy merchandise like milk.

Nevertheless, the interaction between these two strategies of meals digestion is complicated and, to this point, poorly understood.

It does appear that having a wholesome and strong inhabitants of wholesome micro organism is nice on your digestive enzymes, and vice versa, however past this it’s troublesome to state specifics.

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A great digestive enzyme generally is a lifesaver if meals wealthy in dairy, fats, or fiber are supplying you with digestive points.

In case you’re plagued with fuel, bloating, and indigestion after consuming dairy, ensure your digestive enzyme complement comprises lactase.

In case you suppose it’s excessive fats meals which are inflicting issues, a complement containing lipase is an effective guess. And for fiber, cellulase seems to be the enzyme of alternative.

Past this, there are additionally many different useful enzymes which may break down carbohydrates, protein, fats, dairy, and fiber, which is why one of the best digestive enzymes in the marketplace have a broad vary of enzymes included and shall be equally helpful for various digestive issues.

For BodyNutrition’s #1 digestive enzyme suggestion, click on right here.

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