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Dr. Steven Gundry Assessment: factchecking his claims.

I needed to watch a whole lot of Gundry MD movies for this put up. They put me into a very dangerous temper.

Who’s Dr. Steven Gundry?

Steven Gundry is a California-based heart specialist and writer of a number of weight loss plan books, together with The Plant Paradox. You’ve positively seen his advertisements on social media.

Right here’s the factor. Steven Gundry is a respectable medical physician, and like just a few different MDs within the wellness sphere. However he appears to be targeted on making gross sales versus really serving to folks with their well being.

That’s a daring declare, I do know – however I simply can’t get behind the thought {that a} medical physician like Gundry doesn’t know that a whole lot of what he says is simply plain incorrect. Not solely that, however a lot of his claims are simply verifiable. It’s simply that most individuals don’t wish to or don’t understand how to try this.

Essential pondering, interpretation of analysis, the understanding that cell research don’t extrapolate to people – they’re all expertise that MDs ought to have.

Sadly although, a few of these docs *ahem* Hyman *ahem* Gundry *ahem* Oz *ahem* appear to have some hassle – deliberately or not – with these issues.

Gundry’s advertisements are like cockroaches. Even in case you click on ‘cover,’ they’re unimaginable to do away with as a result of they’re posted from no fewer than 9 completely different accounts:

Gundry MD, Dr. Gundry Power and Well being, Dr. Steven Gundry, Gundry MD – Vitamin, Gundry MD – Complete Restore, Gundry MD – Power Renew, Gundry MD – Bio Full 3, Gundry MD – Bioskin, and Gundry MD Metabolic Superior. 

There’s a definite incongruence between Gundry’s MD credential, which is one thing that’s extremely revered, and his advertisements, that are as spammy as those from VShred.

Learn my VShred assessment right here.

The movies normally begin with a ridiculous, clickbaity hook like, ‘NEVER EAT THESE THREE FOODS!’ and find yourself being round an hour in size, full with doubtful claims and high-pressure gross sales ways (ACT NOW! SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!). A lot of them have titles or photos .(burning eggs??) which are unrelated to the content material throughout the video

Who the heck needs to look at an hour-long advert?

Identical to The Plant Paradox, Gundry’s gross sales pitch has each crimson flag that ever existed:

  • A disclosure that meals you beforehand thought was wholesome, are literally not
  • Concern-mongering language
  • A gross sales pitch for his personal dietary supplements
  • The promise of an enormous reveal 
  • The phantasm that he’s doing us a favor by telling us a particular secret that no person else is aware of
  • Calling advertisements ‘displays’ and ‘movies’ 
  • An attraction to nature by touting ‘pure’ substances in what quantity to be ineffective dietary supplements

I believe it goes with out saying that an individual or firm that employs the entire above strategies to attempt to get you to purchase one thing, is an individual or firm that you just shouldn’t take note of.

Let’s check out a few of Steven Gundry’s claims and merchandise.

A number of what Gundry places on the market revolves round his disdain for lectins, which he calls ‘plant toxins.’ I suppose that title makes lectins appear scarier, which is nice for Gundry’s backside line.

He seems to make use of worry as a driver for clicks and gross sales in virtually the whole lot he writes and publishes. 

What are lectins?

Lectins are proteins which are produced by crops as a pure defence. They’re additionally in a whole lot of different meals we eat – eggs and meats included. The best quantities of lectins are in grains and legumes, which in fact Gundry tells us to keep away from.

In line with Gundry, lectins trigger leaky intestine, which he believes is the reason for all sickness. ‘All illness begins within the intestine,’ he says, which isn’t solely far-fetched, it has by no means been confirmed.

Let’s see, my pal received most cancers as a teen as a result of she was consuming the fallacious issues? 

Leaky intestine isn’t an precise medical prognosis. It’s typically utilized by various drugs practitioners to explain elevated intestinal permeability. However these practitioners normally blame ‘leaky intestine’ for all type of diseases which have by no means been conclusively proven to be a results of it.

The one exception is in folks with celiac illness, whose intestinal permeability will increase after they eat gluten. That is very completely different from Gundry’s declare that X meals trigger EVERYONE’S guts to be ‘leaky.’

Gundry additionally claims that lectins trigger us to achieve weight, damage our kidneys, and trigger irritation and autoimmune illness.

None of that is even remotely appropriate. As with most of his concepts, Gundry is working off of hypotheses that he himself dreamed up.

Fortunately for us, lectins are principally destroyed by cooking. And since no person is consuming uncooked kidney beans or rice, we don’t have to fret. 

The Blue Zone populations of of the world eat copious quantities of lectin-containing meals, however are the healthiest and longest-living folks on the planet. When requested about this, Gundry implied that the ‘antioxidants’ of their diets brought on their longevity, and that simply because they reside longest doesn’t imply they’re wholesome and completely satisfied.

Science says in any other case.

Mountains of analysis (right here) (right here) additionally suggests {that a} weight loss plan that’s plant-heavy is the healthiest option to eat. It’s a well known incontrovertible fact that plant-based diets really lower irritation. 

Autoimmune ailments aren’t essentially attributable to elevated intestine permeability; We really don’t know in the event that they’re the results of this situation, or in the event that they’re a symptom. That is the type of overreach that appears utterly regular for Gundry.

Gundry tells us that lectins, specifically agglutinin from grains, mimic insulin and trigger diabetes. His supply for this declare?

A 1973 research on fats cells. As in, fats cells in a lab dish, not fats cells residing in precise people. The analysis used extra agglutinin than anybody would eat, and outcomes have by no means been replicated in people within the virtually 50 years because the research was carried out.

That Gundry makes use of this research to ‘show’ his claims isn’t a shock: a lot of the analysis he cites to again his theories up are animal research, cell research, outdated research, utterly unrelated research…you get the purpose. He has been referred to as out for his deceptive use of analysis and the best way he twists science, nevertheless it’s like water off a duck’s again.

dr steven gundry reviews
A screenshot of Gundry’s YouTube. Embarrassing.

So far as his ‘lectins trigger weight problems’ declare, this comes from Gundry’s principle that the leaky intestine from lectins results in hormonal shifts that trigger weight achieve. 

Gundry claims that lectins breach the intestinal barrier and set off our immune system, inflicting irritation. This irritation triggers ‘fats storage hormones’ that then trigger us to retailer fats and achieve weight.

Flawed once more, Dr. Steven Gundry.

Most likely in an try and garner credibility for this principle, Gundry says he has misplaced 70 kilos on his lectin-free weight loss plan. He claims that a lot of his sufferers have misplaced weight on his plan by making no adjustments to their diets apart from eliminating lectins.

That is malarkey, however lots of people are searching for a magical, work-free methodology to drop kilos. The promise of 1 easy change that may lead to weight reduction is simply too good for folks to go up, and Gundry is aware of that. 


There may be completely no science behind Gundry’s weight reduction principle, and there’s no potential mechanism behind it, both. For almost all of individuals, lectins don’t hurt the intestine lining, and so they actually haven’t been proven to imitate insulin and trigger fats storage.

Once more, Gundry’s ‘proof’ for this declare is that 1973 research. No research have been carried out on his lectin-free weight loss plan, despite the fact that he appears to have had ample time and clinic topics at his disposal to do one.

If folks reduce weight on the lectin-free weight loss plan, it’s as a result of they’ve lower energy. That’s not unimaginable, since Gundry’s plan eliminates whole meals teams. No extra grains, little or no fruit  (which Gundry calls, ‘poisonous sweet’), and no legumes. 

An amazing 2020 research by Kevin Corridor et al confirmed that ultra-processed meals – which embody refined grains akin to corn, soy, and wheat – contribute considerably to weight achieve attributable to larger power availability in these meals.

Gundry’s weight loss plan prohibits meals containing these substances, so many individuals on this weight loss plan will find yourself consuming much less total. They may reduce weight, nevertheless it has nothing to do with the lectins.

Which fruits are allowed on the lectin-free weight loss plan?

Avocado, figs, coconut, raspberries, and inexperienced banana, principally. Gundry additionally cautions us that fruit that’s not in-season shouldn’t be consumed.

He claims that ‘the continual availability of fruit is among the greatest contributors to the weight problems disaster,’ as if everyone seems to be getting fats from consuming fruit.

This declare alone demonstrates how extremely misplaced Gundry is. 

dr steven gundry reviews

He provides that fruits now have extra lectins than they used to, and that our fruits are ‘extra doubtless’ to be GMO, which he says are ‘new organisms, not present in nature.’

I’m going to step in right here and say that the one GMO fruits which are offered in North America are papayas, Arctic Apples, and pink pineapples. But yet one more manner Gundry stokes worry unnecessarily (additionally: GMOs have by no means been proven to be dangerous to people).

Gundry’s content material contains him calling bananas, ‘essentially the most harmful well being meals.’ That is utterly ridiculous, however I suppose it’s constant together with his understanding of vitamin.

Let’s be life like right here: most individuals in North America don’t eat a whole lot of lectins, as a result of most of us don’t even come near consuming sufficient crops. It’s fairly disgusting that Gundry is, in a passive-aggressive manner, discouraging folks from including extra crops into their diets. 

Some folks – particularly folks with IBS – might not tolerate lectin-containing meals. This can be due to the lectins, or it could be as a result of the meals with the very best lectin content material are additionally the meals with the very best FODMAP content material as properly.

Most of us do tolerate lectin meals properly, and right here’s a shock: the fibre in these meals really feeds our intestine micro organism and might strengthen the intestine lining, not destroy it. So when a health care provider makes a blanket suggestion to keep away from meals which are in any other case often called among the healthiest on this planet, it ought to instantly increase a crimson flag for you. 

Dr. Steven Gundry dietary supplements

Gundry’s advertisements are primarily targeted on his dietary supplements, most of which tie in with the ‘leaky intestine is making us all sick’ narrative. 

Did I point out that it’s a crimson flag when somebody sells dietary supplements to go together with their weight loss plan?

Complete Restore, Lectin Protect, and BioComplete seem to be Gundry’s bread-and-butter merchandise which are marketed essentially the most. 

Lectin Protect is 100% a money-grab for unsuspecting individuals who imagine that lectins are so poisonous, that they should pull each single little bit of them out of their weight loss plan. Don’t fall for this.

BioComplete is an overpriced pre/professional/put up biotic that incorporates Tributyrin, Sunfiber, and lactobacillus. Whereas it could or will not be efficient, the claims which are made about BioComplete are absolute f*ckery.

dr steven gundry diet

Not one of the substances in BioComplete have ever been proven by respectable science to scale back cravings, assist with weight reduction, and improve power. It really boggles my thoughts as to the way it’s authorized to make these kinds of claims.

It’s fascinating to notice that BioComplete 3 incorporates sunflower oil, which Gundry claims is ‘loaded with lectins.’ 

I suppose his personal suggestions change when one thing is making him cash. 

Complete Restore is one other overpriced Gundry product that purportedly ‘promotes a wholesome intestine lining.’

Glutamine, an ingredient in Complete Restore, is understood for having a constructive impact on the intestine. However that’s in dosages of 5-45g, not the 213mg that’s on this complement. 

steven gundry quack

Gundry additionally says that glutamine can scale back ‘junk meals cravings,’ however there’s nothing past anecdotal proof that that is true. Glutamine is an amino acid, and like all protein, might improve satiety. However once more, within the minuscule dose that TR incorporates? Most likely not.

You already know what does assist with the intestine lining? Fibre. The type we get from complete grains, starchy and non-starchy greens, legumes, and fruit.

This complete Gundry model is a dumpster hearth racket. And I’m not right here for it.

I can also’t write a bit on Gundry with out together with one thing concerning the kerfuffle that the superb Dr. Jen Gunter had with him and Goop just a few years again. If you happen to’re searching for extra proof of Gundry’s character, right here it’s.


The underside line on Gundry and his advertisements and his dietary supplements and weight loss plan is that they’re all a complete waste of time, cash, and power.

It appears as if virtually each single piece of content material that Gundry posts has the target of stoking worry and nervousness whereas concurrently getting cash by means of his ‘cures.’

He’s like a shady salesman, spreading misinformation and worry to promote ineffective merchandise whereas utilizing his MD credential for credibility. His advertisements are embarrassing and spammy, and so is his behaviour.

None of his dietary supplements, or his weight loss plan, have ever been correctly studied for the results he claims they’ve, and there’s one thing actually particular – in a foul manner, thoughts you – a couple of licensed doctor who spreads half-truths and BS as in the event that they’re truth, all whereas milking all of it to line his pockets.

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